Rider Biomechanics

Rider Biomechanics Assessments are designed to evaluate you as a rider, identifying areas of tightness, weakness, instability or asymmetry which may be limiting your effectiveness in the saddle. As a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist within the Human field, Karris has an in-depth understanding of how your anatomy and biomechanical movement patterns can contribute to your ridden performance. Karris has also completed specific Rider Biomechanics training with Andy Thomas, Rider Physiotherapist for Team GB & Team USA.

Assessments are completed both on the ground and whilst on board your horse/pony, with video footage taken to allow you to see the areas that require improvement. Treatment is completed on the day and a personalised exercise programme developed for you to continue after the session. Riders are encouraged to ride again after treatment to allow further comparative video footage to be taken, and to provide you with the opportunity to feel how the treatment has improved your ridden capabilities.

iders of all ages and abilities are welcome to book a Biomechanics Assessments, including Junior riders. Karris particularly encourages riders who have recently recovered from an injury, and are returning to riding, to book a Biomechanics Assessment. Subtle asymmetries acquired whilst you have pain or discomfort can remain present, even though you feel “back to normal”, which can limit your effectiveness as a rider and also contribute to the development of musculoskeletal symptoms in your horse/pony. Remember – looking after your horse/pony also includes looking after yourself.

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