About Us

Welcome To Ark Physiotherapy. We offer specialist Physiotherapy for animals with musculoskeletal, orthopaedic or neurological conditions. Karris ensures a professional, personalised and positive experience is provided to all clients with Physiotherapy needs. Physiotherapy aims to help animals affected by injury or health conditions through movement, exercise, manual therapy and advice. It can help to maintain optimum health in animals of all shapes and sizes by managing any pain and preventing conditions from progressing. Performance maintenance can also assist in keeping animals performing at their best and identify areas of weakness before they lead to physical problems. A holistic approach to animal health and welfare often leads to greater outcomes, therefore Ark Physiotherapy strives to play a part in each success story.

Karris is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Specialist in Veterinary Physiotherapy. Karris qualified as a Physiotherapist from Keele University, then went on to achieve a Distinction in her Veterinary Physiotherapy Master’s degree at Hartpury University. She has worked mainly within the Musculoskeletal field in both the NHS and private sectors, before setting up her own Veterinary Physiotherapy business.

As a lifetime dog owner, keen equestrian competitor and general all-round animal lover, she has first-hand experience in how important our animal counterparts are to us. This is the underpinning reason that Karris decided to dedicate her career to making your animals more comfortable, more functional and keep them feeling their best.