Equine Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is used to manage musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction in horses of all sizes, ages and capabilities. By removing the pain or discomfort that a horse is feeling, this allows their movement patterns to become more biomechanically correct, strength and stability to be developed in the appropriate anatomical places, and therefore promotes an efficient way of going. For anyone who has exercised themselves in the past, you may be familiar with the common muscle aching that can be experienced following exercise. You may also be aware of how an injury can change the way that you move and impact on other areas of the body too. As a person, you are able to take appropriate measures to improve and resolve this, however a horse cannot necessarily do the same and this may result in altered movement patterns, altered posture, increased risk of injury, or even lameness. Physiotherapy is an effective way to identify areas requiring improvement before they reach this problematic stage, therefore preventing unnecessary pain or discomfort for your horse.

During an Equine Physiotherapy appointment, Karris will take an extensive history from you about your horse, including any current issues, past medical problems and details of their usual lifestyle and routine. Attention is also given to the goals that you have with your horse; what are you aiming to do, and what are you doing to work towards this at present? A gait assessment is completed to allow Karris to identify any asymmetries in movement, before she assesses joint range of movement and palpates the soft tissues across the entire body. The findings are always discussed, and a treatment plan developed with input from the owner. One your horse’s treatment has been completed, Karris will show you and help you to practice appropriate exercises to complete with your horse in line with their individual requirements and your goals.

Please note that Veterinary Consent is required before seeing any new animal client for Physiotherapy. This is a routine and legal requirement under the Veterinary Surgeons Act, therefore details of your registered Veterinarian will be required on booking.

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Ark Physiotherapy offers specialist Physiotherapy for animals with musculoskeletal, orthopaedic or neurological conditions. We also treat humans!

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