Ark Physiotherapy offers specialist Physiotherapy for animals with musculoskeletal, orthopaedic or neurological conditions. We also treat humans!

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My passion for helping animals has helped me gain friends in areas of my trade. I am overwhelmed with nice comments from my clients.

  • "Karris has been nothing but helpful with my event horse. She explains exactly what she’s doing and the problems your horse has. All exercises given are really easy to follow and are demonstrated so there’s no guessing what you need to do! She’s delightful and I wholeheartedly recommend

    Jessica Smith & Mo.

  • "My vet recommended Ark Physiotherapy to me after one of our ponies was very tight in his shoulder. Karris came out and within two sessions he was so much better and back to his winning ways. He is now on a maintenance programme and Karris comes approximately every 6 weeks to make sure he is in good health. Karris is very personable and professional and I can highly recommend Ark

    Mair James & Paddy.

  • "We have a rescue dog, Marley, who has a dodgey knee as a result of an old injury. It had never caused any problems but one day he started hopping and stopped weight bearing completely. After the go-ahead from the vet, we contacted Karris for some physiotherapy. Marley is not very trusting and has been known to be snappy with strangers if they are too hands on, especially if he is in pain, so we were a tad apprehensive (for Karris’ sake!). However, thanks to Karris’ patience and incredible way with animals, Marley responded so well and actually gets

    Laura Suckley & Marley.

  • "Can’t thank Karris enough for treating Flicker and relieving some of her tension when she was having problems in her ridden work. Flicker can be extremely nervous around new people but she settled straight away with Karris and really enjoyed her

    Charlotte Rigby & Flicker

  • "Me and my horse love Ark Physio! From keeping my horse Eventing fit! To working on my posture. Karris keeps us both eventing ready - we wouldn’t use anyone

    Hollie Carline & Dave

  • "Karris has been an enormous help to us as well as a valuable source of information after Lunar, our Hungarian Vizsla, had ACL operation. Lunar is continuing to improve with physio which is helping her gain stability and strength where it’s needed for her to make a full recovery. Karris has been fantastic with Lunar - would definitely recommend

    Jacqueline Richardson & Lunar

  • "We contacted Karris when Freddo, our Border Collie puppy, developed a limp. She was extremely prompt and efficient in replying to emails. She was also very professional, and explained that that it a legal requirement for a dog physiotherapist to speak to the vet. It was great that she visited Freddo at our house- this meant that he was in a comfortable environment, and it was really convenient for me and husband as the appointment was in the evening. The first appointment was great- Karris took a really detailed history about the problem, and spent a long time assessing and examining

    Ellie Bartlett & Freddo



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